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Amy W.- We had a great time last night at Wabi Sabi. The food is authentic, the atmosphere fine, and the service excellent. We had sushi and teppanyaki. Everything was delicious. It’s hard to find authentic Asian cusine in the east San Gabriel Valley, but if you’re looking for it this is the spot in La Verne. We had scallops, sesame chicken, Teriyaki steak, and mahi mahi (the fish of the day). Everything was great, especially the sushi appetizer we ordered. Recommended!

Tom P.- Congratulation Louis and Harry on the new Wabi Sabi! They have been our SUSHI guys for over 15 years! Great food, great service, Great Friends!! Can’t wait to come back!!!
Thank you

Ron A.- Really like this place. I ordered filet mignon and scallops combo which I recommend medium cook 🙂 Their sushi and sashimi are also tasty. I had a good time there.

Jim C.- I have eaten here for years, and wasn’t sure about it being a new place.  It is amazing.  The food is great, and the service is unbelievable.  They will make you feel like the most important person in the house, and thank you for coming in!!!:-)

Agnes S.– The boyfriend made this the last food stop on our way outta Cali, and I’m glad he did. Everyone there was extremely nice and chatty with their patrons. It was one of those experiences when and where they give patrons extra attention because of less traffic. I would honestly rather have that than wait staff that you end up trying to track down during a slow lunch hour in the establishment. The sushi chef was definitely personable and made us laugh a bit, especially the boyfriend ’cause he managed to sucker me into ordering an additional dish when I’m usually very stubborn to deal with.
I liked the set-up of the restaurant where there were a line of seats at the sushi bar, and the rest of the place was set up tepanyaki-style. Quite clean as well. As far as food goes, this is weird to admit, but it’s my favorite sushi place in Cali so far. Fish was fresh, and they had as many specials as any AYCE sushi in Vegas. LOL. Appreciated the names of the few Vegas inspired rolls.

Miriam L.– I followed Harry for years and he is the best ! I strongly recommend the sushi bar and this place it’s great service and bomb ass food. That’s why every one follows him wherever he moves to!  You will not regret it I strongly recommend it!

Hao F.– A Very new place, Clean and bright. I had party at party room for my friend’s Bday. Chef is hilarious, food is very tasty. Servers were very patient help us clean and pack the left overs! Very awesome place for family party!